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Custom Made Mouthguards - Colour Guide


Plain Black Mouthguard

1. Black

Dark Blue Mouthguard

2. Dark Blue

Maroon Mouthguard

3. Maroon

Plain Silver Mouthguard

4. Silver

Plain Gold Custom Mouthguard

5. Gold

Royal Blue Mouthguard UK

6. Royal Blue

Plain Lilac Custom Mouthguard

7. Lilac

Sky Blue Custom Made Mouthguard

8. Sky Blue

Plain Green Mouthguard UK

9. Green

Plain Pink UK Custom Mouthguards

10. Pink

Plain Red Scotland Custom Mouthguard

11. Red

Turquoise Custom Mouthguard Scotland

12. Turquoise

Plain White Mouthguards Scotland

13. White

Custom Plain Yellow Mouthguard

14. Yellow

Fluorescent Orange Mouthguard

15. Fluorescent Orange 

Fluorescent Yellow Custom Mouthguard

16. Fluorescent Yellow

Fluorescent Green Mouthguards

17. Fluorescent Green

Clear Custom Mouthguards Scotland

18. Clear

Fluorescent Pink Mouthguards

19. Fluorescent Pink

Racing Green Quality Mouthguard

20. Racing Green

Plain Brown Mouthguard

21. Brown

Fluorescent Red Custom Mouthguard

22. Fluorescent Red

Apple Colour Custom Mouthguard UK

23. Apple

Lavender Mouthguard for Sports

24. Lavender

Cerise Coloured Custom Mouthguard

25. Cerise

Sandstone Coloured Quality Mouthguard UK

26. Sandstone

Cherry Red Mouthguard

27. Cherry

Amethyst Coloured Mouthguard

28. Amethyst

Teal Custom Mouthguard

29. Teal

Aussie Yellow Budgie Smuggler Coloured

30. Aussie Yellow

Mint Green Custom Mouthguard - Minty Fresh!

31. Mint Green

Shrimp Coloured Mouthguard

32. Shrimp

Metallic Green Mouthguard Scotland

33. Metallic Green

Cornflower Coloured, Antibacterial Mouthguard

34. Cornflower Antibacterial

Leaf Green Coloured, Antibacterial Mouthguard

35. Leaf Green Biodegradable

Plain Guards - Striped Options

The colours above are also the ones used in our striped mouthguards. To discuss a striped guard, contact us directly via contact us page.

Two Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

2-Stripe Mouthguard

Three Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

3-Stripe Mouthguard

Four Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

4-Stripe Mouthguard

Five Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

5-Stripe Mouthguard

Six Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

6-Stripe Mouthguard

Seven Striped Mouthguards, Custom Made in Scotland

7-Stripe Mouthguard

Fun Guards - Marble Effect

Aquatic Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

36. Aquatic Marble

Arctic Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

37. Arctic Marble

Bloodshot Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

38. Bloodshot Marble

Candy Floss Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

39. Candy Floss Marble

Carribean Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

40. Caribbean Marble

Desert Combat Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

41. Desert Combat Marble

Fiesta Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

42. Fiesta Marble

Irish Cream Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

43. Irish Cream Marble

Jungle Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

44. Jungle Marble

Martian Sky Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

45. Martian Sky Marble

Mellow Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

46. Mellow Marble

Psychodelic Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

47. Psychodelic Marble

Purple Haze Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

48. Purple Haze Marble

Slimey Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

49. Slimey Marble

Tri-Colour Marble Custom Mouthguard UK

50. Tri-Colour Marble

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