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Step By Step Guide For Mouthguard Ordering


Step 1: Once you have decided on which guard you would like utilising both our "Colour Guide" and our "Which Guard?" pages, click on Mouthguard Store on the navigation bar

No Damage Mouthguard Store

Step 2: Click on the relevant mouthguard type from the options

Choose Custom Mouthguard Design

Step 3: Single Colour and Marble Mouthguards have a straightforward choice of colour and size. Other guards require you to send us some details at the end of the process.

Choose Colour and Size of Custom Design Mouthguard

Step 4: Click on "Add to Cart", and either continue shopping to add more mouthguards or "Proceed to Checkout"

Checkout Best Custom Mouthguards Scotland

Step 5:  Follow the steps to pay for your mouthguard through Paypal or Stripe

Please Note: You DO NOT need a Paypal account to purchase as you can pay by credit/debit card direct via Paypal or Stripe. Fill in your address details and your card details and submit. This places your order with us.

Step 6: You will receive an email to the provided email address that explains how to supply us with the necessary image and any other information that we require. Your self-impression kit will be sent out along with instructions (See our impression tutorial for further info)

Step 7: Complete the self-impression and post it back to our lab with your name and mouthguard description using the pre-paid envelope (UK only).

Step 8: Using your impression and the info provided, we make your custom fit mouthguard and post back to you