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How is the impression for my Custom Mouthguard taken?

Impression Tutorial

Our mouthguards are custom made to fit your mouth, so it is very important that the impression is taken correctly to ensure it gives you the best possible fit and protection.

Mouthguard Impression Trays
Step 1 - Please take the impression trays out of the pack and try them both in your mouth for
size, choose the best one that fits your mouth comfortably
Green and White Putty in containers
Green and White Putty

Step 2 - Take the green and white putty mix out of their containers. 

Mouthguard Impression Tutorial Step 3
Mixed impression Putty

Step 3 - Mix together for approx. 30 secs to make an even green colour.

Roll out impression putty
Fill impression tray with putty
Step 4 - Take the combined putty mix, roll into a sausage shape and then use this to fill the impression tray.
Place tray in mouth and bite down gently
Step 5 - While looking in the mirror, place the putty filled tray in your mouth, line up your teeth in the centre of the putty and push up covering the teeth. Bite down gently on the bottom of the tray.
Keep your mouth closed and have tissues at hand as you will start drooling.
Mouthguard Impression Tutorial Step 5
Step 6 - Pull your lip over the front of the tray, keep still as you can and leave the putty to set
for approximately 4-5 minutes. (good idea to have a stop watch or timer at hand )
Mouthguard Impression Tutorial Step 7
Remove impression tray from mouth
Step 6 - Remove the impression from your mouth and leave to set for a further 2-3 minutes.
We would recommend you send us a picture of your impression via our facebook, Instagram
or email before you send it back to us.
Place impression tray in bag provided
Complete No Damage Mailing Slip
Step 7 - Put your completed impression kit in the plastic bag provided and fill in the supplied No Damage description form.
Send back with provided mailing label
Step 8 - Send back to us using the mailing label provided.

Please note: If you wear braces, our impression kit may not be suitable for you. Please contact us to discuss any queries and your requirements.

Thank You For Your Custom!

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